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Daniel & Raquel

Sabe aquelas histórias em que a gente custa a acreditar?

Pois bem: o relato a seguir conta como o professor Daniel Martini Florim, da sede Água Verde, e a professora Raquel Martini Florim, da sede Cristo Rei, se conheceram. A história dá um filme!

” I went to New York City in the end of 2012 to take a Cambridge certification called Celta, which would allow me to teach in most ESL (English as a Second Language) schools around the world. I had been a teacher at TALKEN for about three years back then, and I had the itch to go teach somewhere else, and meet new people and a new culture. It was also my first time in New York. I was obviously blown away by the city itself, and my first two weeks there were very intense. New York has a multicultural beating heart that is impossible not to fall in love with when you like to travel and meet people as much as I do.

But then the new year came, and I had to start the course in the beginning of January. That’s when I met a very interesting bunch of people. Some of them were teachers and others wanted to start teaching around the globe somewhere.One of them turned out to be this girl, who spoke Portuguese, loved jazz, books and traveling. Once we started talking, we hit it off. It was as if we had known each other for ages. Sometimes after class a group of people would go out for drinks, or to a park or museum, and we’d spend hours together. But she and I seemed to be spending more time together than the rest of them.

We started having these heart-to-heart conversations about life, and the world, and art. I am very intense, and simply can’t stay away from this kind of talk. Neither could she. So, as you would expect, we fell in love pretty quickly…

But my time in the States was running out, and then on my last day there she drove me to the airport. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and if we’d ever see each other again, so I asked her to give me something to remember her by. She had nothing that she could part ways with, so I suggested that she give me a button from her coat. She always wore the same purple coat, and I really liked it, simply because it made me think of her. So she gave me the button, which I started wearing on a string around my neck as soon as I got to Brazil.

We skyped for months, and in May 11, 2013, she came to Curitiba, got a job as a teacher at Talken Cristo Rei, where she still is, and we got married the following year, on March 3. I guess you never know what life has in store for you!”

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